StrataCom’s Mobile Solution FAQ

  • StrataCom’s Mobile Solution FAQ

StrataCom’s Mobile Solution FAQ

How flexible is your mobile solution? Very!  Using the StrataCom Mobile Development Studio, we (or the customer) can easily add fields to the views and forms and can even create multiple views of the same object, like for different task types.  Also, we can run most one-steps and also have the capability of reproducing much of the functionality found in one-steps with our Mobile Action Builder.  Buttons and fields can be hidden or displayed based using our Logic Builder allowing our StrataCom Mobile solution to recreate all of your full client functionality for a mobile form factor.

This is the biggest differentiator between StrataCom’s Mobile solution and all the other mobile solutions out there.  With the other solutions, if you want a change you must:

  1. Contact the Mobile vendor
  2. They will make the change to your Mobile Client using the Native development tools (this can take days or weeks)
  3. They will upload the change to the iOS and Android app store
  4. Your users must download the newest update from the app store
  5. Your users will then see the update

With StrataCom’s Mobile client, you will:

  1. Contact StrataCom to make the change to your mobile app (or make the change yourself!)
  2. StrataCom will make the change using our Mobile Development studio (or you can do it yourself!)
    1. This generally takes 5-10 minutes to make a change
  3. Your users will see the changes immediately


Is there an iOS or google play App Store app?   YES! Currently, the StrataCom Mobile App for Ivanti or Cherwell is available to install as a Native Mobile App for Android and iOS, or a PWA (Progressive Web App).  Functionality includes:

  • Barcode scanning  -existing functionality
  • Picture uploading -existing functionality
  • Offline ticket creation and ticket access -Released!
  • Push Notifications -Released!
  • Integration with Google Maps for Geographical ticketing -Coming soon!

What is a PWA? A PWA or Progressive Web App, is a web application that can be ‘installed’ on a user’s Android or Apple device without going to the app store to download.  The application is installed directly from the application.  PWAs have most of the functionality of native app downloaded from the app store and more functionality is being added to PWAs all the time.   StrataCom’s mobile client for Cherwell can currently be installed on your mobile device as a PWA and works quite well installed that way.

Will the mobile app work on a tablet/laptop/pc?  StrataCom’s Mobile solution for Ivanti or Cherwell is build on responsive design principles and works equally as well on a mobile phone or tablet.  Because our mobile app for Ivanti & Cherwell was designed with a smaller form factor in mind, it will work on a laptop or pc, but may not scale to fill the entire screen as it does on a tablet or phone.  However, many customers have told use they love using the mobile client on their PC because it is so fast and easy to use!

Can we run one steps in your mobile client?  Yes!

Can we work with custom objects/fields in the mobile app?  Yes!  In fact, one of the most popular use-cases is the Facilities mApp, which is entire made up of custom Objects.  Because of the flexibility of our Mobile Development Studio, users can see any custom fields, run custom actions and work with custom Objects in our mobile client just like they work with OOB items.

Do you support SAML authentication?  Yes!  However, some additional setup is normally required:

  • The web server must be configured to accept SAML requests for REST API calls. This is a simple one-line change, but if you are hosted, a ticket must be created with Ivanti Support to make the change.  StrataCom will generally create and manage that request for you.
  • The customers SAML provider must be configured to accept redirects to /CherwellAPI/SAML/ assertion.aspx. The configuration directions provided by Cherwell for SAML authentication only includes the Legacy API configuration, so most customers must configure this additional URL on their SAML provider’s page.

Can we install this on our own web server or azure instance?  StrataCom’s Mobile Client is developed on Azure and is offered as a Hosted SAAS solution for our customers.  We are willing to explore deployments on ‘private public cloud’ systems based on Azure.

Can we work with related items in your mobile app?  Yes!  The latest release of the StrataCom Mobile Client includes functionality for working with related items.  Any relationships that exist in Ivanti or Cherwell can be utilized in the mobile client.  Some common use cases include:

  • Viewing a customer’s contact card
  • Working with Tasks attached to an Incident
  • Viewing a parent Incident from a Task
  • Working with Journal Entries, like marking them as read, unread, etc
  • Viewing custom Specifics forms
  • Creating tasks for parent Objects, like Incidents, Changes, Work Orders, etc

Can we work with tickets if we don’t have internet access?  This functionality has been released!  The StrataCom Mobile Client’s offline functionality allows you to:

  • Take entire queues offline. For example, if you are working in the ticket queue ‘My Open Incidents’ and suddenly lose Internet access, those tickets will still be available for you to update offline and will sync the changes back to Cherwell once you regain Internet access.

How is your mobile app licensed? The StrataCom Mobile Client is licensed by the number of total Ivanti Service Management or Cherwell Licenses that you currently own.

Do users logging into the mobile app use an ITSM license?  Yes.  Because you are logging into Ivanti ISM or Cherwell as you, it will use a license.  However, if you are logged into the Blue Client already, your mobile client login will share the same license as your blue client and will not consume an additional license.

Can my portal users use your mobile app? Yes!  StrataCom’s Mobile App also includes portal functionality, which gives your customers the ability to create tickets, view their tickets, approve changes, etc.  We also release ‘Walk-up’ functionality where someone can log a ticket without being logged into the portal.

Does your mobile app support the incidents workflow based on the Incident Status table? Yes!  We can either set up the actions using one steps, or we have re-created the One-steps using our mobile action builder. Button will appear based on the data in your IncidentStatus table.  Other objects with status workflow’s based in table data can also be utilized in the StrataCom mobile client.

Can we view specifics on incidents/requests? Yes!  Custom specifics screens can also be created to display your specifics in a certain order.  Specifics can be viewed as separate screen or merged into your main Object’s mobile form, like the Incident form.