SPEAR mApp: Agile DevOps mApp for Cherwell

  • SPEAR mApp: Agile DevOps mApp for Cherwell

StrataCom SPEAR mApp for Cherwell  

Sprints, Products, Epics, and Releases

StrataCom’s SPEAR mApp delivers an Agile Development (DevOps) Methodology solution for Cherwell.  SPEAR focuses on the Agile Framework for development and supports organizations choosing to adopt Agile with core objects like: Backlog, Sprints, Epics, User Stories, Themes and Products and Releases. 

Customers can implement SPEAR as a Stand-alone module in Cherwell, or integrate it with existing Service Management, Change Management or PPM Processes.  

SPEAR allows for typical Agile development, allowing users to create multiple user Stories from an EPIC, assign stories to Sprints, manage Sprints, assign Themes to EPICS and User stores and tie Products and Releases to EPICs and User Stories. 

Paired with StrataCom’s SPEAR pack of Kanban boards, Cherwell and SPEAR provide a complete solution to satisfy most organizations requirements around Agile development. 

Adding in Cherwell’s PPM product and the integration hooks to SPEAR allows Agile shops to manage everything from Portfolios all the way down to User Stories in Sprints. 

Click here to view a short demo video: https://youtu.be/EdBD12Hkcd0


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