StrataCom Presents: Gantt Chart for Cherwell

StrataCom is proud to introduce a fully-functional Gantt Chart for Cherwell!  StrataCom’s Gantt chart for Cherwell can be used with any Cherwell Object, including PPM  Operational Tasks!  Experience the power of Cherwell with a fully drag-and-drop capable Gantt chart.    Features of the StrataCom Gantt Chart for Cherwell include:

  1. Easy to use drag-and-drop interface to work with Cherwell Objects
  2. Create parent-child relationships by adding new objects to the Gantt Chart
  3. Create links between tasks by simply dragging between two tasks
  4. Update percent complete with a slider bar on each task
  5. Create and link to milestones
  6. Create and delete tasks and relationships between tasks
  7. Zoom in and out, to up to a 4 year overview of a project

The StrataCom Gantt Chart for Cherwell is just the newest addition to our custom suite of products built on our flexible, easy to use REST API framework for Cherwell, which also include StrataCom’s other solutions:

  1. Native Mobile client, giving customers Native mobile access to their Cherwell environments, available on the iOS and Google Play stores
  2. Kanban boards for Cherwell, allowing customers to update Cherwell tickets with an easy to use, drag-and-drop Kanban board interface
  3. Editable grid–Available in both the Native Mobile client and a browser interface, StrataCom’s Editable grid allows users to update Cherwell records quickly in a spread-sheet like interface.
  4. Scheduling Calendar, which allows users to update Cherwell records on a calendar by dragging and dropping them to reschedule, or just dragging them to extend the end time.  Users can also create scheduled events on the calendar by just clicking and dragging on the day or week view to quickly add new events.

Click here for a short demo

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