Recorded Webinar: Cherwell SLAs…How Do These Actually Work?

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  • Recorded Webinar: Cherwell SLAs…How Do These Actually Work?

Recorded Webinar: Cherwell SLAs...How Do these Actually Work?

Service Level Agreements are an easy concept to understand but the actual mechanics of how they work is complex. Our August 2021 Cherwell Advanced Practicitioner event provides an overview of SLAs in Cherwell CSM 10.2 and touches on topics including: how SLAs work, best practices, and getting starting on implementation. Our presenter answers such questions as: What defines which SLA will attach to an Incident? How does the time the record is created matter? How does pending time work? How does “stop the clock” affect this? How do we configure/add new SLA’s? How do we define custom calendars and business time?

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Posted on August 26, 2021 by StrataCom Administrator

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