Just Released: StrataCom Drag-And-Drop Scheduling Calendar for Cherwell

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  • Just Released: StrataCom Drag-And-Drop Scheduling Calendar for Cherwell

StrataCom is pleased to announce the release of our Drag-And-Drop Scheduling Calendar for use with our Native Cherwell Mobile Client or our Kanban Boards for Cherwell.

With the Drag-And-Drop scheduling capability of the calendar, users can easily create, view and re-schedule events from an easy-to-use calendar interface. Ideal for Scheduling Change records, Facilities Work Orders or any other Cherwell Object, the StrataCom Calendar for Cherwell will make your Cherwell user’s lives easier!

Watch a short demo here https://youtu.be/7L9u8d3Z3d0


  • Easy Drag-And-Drop interface allows simple scheduling and re-scheduling of Cherwell records View multiple Objects on a single calendar.
  • See your Tasks, Changes, Work Orders and more on a single calendar interface.
  • Flexible color-coding rules allow you to easily distinguish different calendar events
  • Changing calendar events on the StrataCom Cherwell Calendar immediately updates the underlying record in Cherwell
  • Works in the StrataCom Native Mobile Client as well as in any browser on any device

If you’re interested in bringing this functionality to your team, give me a call or reply here to start a conversation.

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