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Recorded Webinar: Cherwell REST API Best Practices and Lessons Learned

REST API: Best Practices and Lessons Learned 

The recording of our November Cherwell Advanced Practitioner webinar on the topic of  REST API  Best Practices is now available!

Our host, Eric Krueger, presented on Cherwell REST API best practices and lessons learned. Content includes tips for building REST API based applications connected to Cherwell, what the new Cherwell API features mean for you, and how to solve for some of the Cherwell API complexities.



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Recorded Webinar: Cherwell Performance Tuning September 2021

This webinar covers such topics as analyzing Cherwell for performance issues and resolving those issues once found. Principle Consultant, Eric Krueger, dives into Health Check, indexing, query optimization, and more. Gain insight into keeping your Cherwell system fast and responsive.

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StrataCom Presents: Gantt Chart for Cherwell

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StrataCom is proud to introduce a fully-functional Gantt Chart for Cherwell!  StrataCom’s Gantt chart for Cherwell can be used with any Cherwell Object, including PPM  Operational Tasks!  Experience the power of Cherwell with a fully drag-and-drop capable Gantt chart.

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Webinar Recording: Agile Workflow Platform Management with Cherwell

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The Cherwell Marketing Leadership Team and Premier Cherwell Partner, StrataCom, share tips on how you can leverage the combination of Cherwell and Kanban to deliver next-level business workflow process in our webinar: Agile Workflow Platform Management.

This webinar explores:

  • What Kanban can mean to your Business Teams, deliver visual workflow to a group immersed in visuals
  • Agile Methodology applied across the business brings order to what can be a chaotic and disconnected current state
  • Why leveraging Cherwell CSM makes sense for Business Groups, how the Cherwell Marketing Group realized increased productivity, increased quality, and lower cost
  • Real-time collaboration, a single pane of glass Kanban experience delivers a fast-clean view of all organizational initiatives with updates by team members instantly displayed
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Just Released: StrataCom Drag-And-Drop Scheduling Calendar for Cherwell

StrataCom is pleased to announce the release of our Drag-And-Drop Scheduling Calendar for use with our Native Cherwell Mobile Client or our Kanban Boards for Cherwell.

With the Drag-And-Drop scheduling capability of the calendar, users can easily create, view and re-schedule events from an easy-to-use calendar interface. Ideal for Scheduling Change records, Facilities Work Orders or any other Cherwell Object, the StrataCom Calendar for Cherwell will make your Cherwell user’s lives easier!

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ITSM Insight and Vision Survey

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StrataCom has been a Cherwell Partner since 2012. We recently surveyed our customers in order to inform the greater Cherwell community about how their peers are delivering value from the Cherwell Solution. Our goal was to provide the Community a better understanding of the breadth and maturity of Cherwell implementations and to provide detail on Customer Accomplishments and Initiatives.

You can access the results of this survey HERE

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Recorded Event: Upgrading to Cherwell 9.7: New Features, Options, Strategy and Best Practices for Success

This webinar explores some of the new features that Cherwell has released in the latest versions of Cherwell CSM and how they can benefit your organization.  Now you want to upgrade….What’s involved?  What if I want the new form layout?  Can I get the latest features by just upgrading my client and server?  What’s a Content upgrade anyway?   This webinar reviews these topics in detail.

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Past Event: Arizona Cherwell User Group September 11, 2019

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Join StrataCom at the Arizona Cherwell user group event on September 11th, 2019. For more details and specific agenda, visit the Cherwell website here:

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Recorded Event: Micro Focus (HPE) ITSM Containers Webinar

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Containers are here and they are the best way to deploy, maintain and upgrade software.  What are containers?  How are they deployed?  How is the software different on containers than traditional platforms?  Why did HPE/Micro Focus decide on a containerization approach to their ITSM suite? Watch this webinar to learn more.

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Recorded Event: Micro Focus (legacy HPE) Service Manager to Cherwell Migration Webinar

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Considering moving away from Micro Focus (legacy HPE) Service Management? Cherwell could be a great next move. Check out this webinar to see a comparison of the tools and learn more about the migration effort.

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