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Skinny Client for Cherwell

Skinny Client Option for Cherwell Software

Problem: Some Cherwell Users need a Focused and Fast Experience. Although the full Cherwell client delivers robust functionality, it is also more complex than needed for the casual Cherwell User.

Solution: The StrataCom Mobile Client can also run in any desktop browser. With this platform, your users can simply and quickly manage their Cherwell tickets without needing to launch a full Cherwell client, even in a low bandwidth environment.

Take a look at this short video to see the Skinny Client in action!

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Mobile, Kanban, and Gantt Product Updates

StrataCom is excited to announce new features for our Cherwell add-on solutions!

Mobile client:   Our developers have added ADA capabilities to ensure screen readers will work with the Web client or Native mobile client.  With this functionality, the StrataCom mobile client is more ADA compatible and solves many of the issues customers struggle with in the Cherwell client.

StrataCom Kanban boards for Cherwell: We have added ‘filter by tag’ capabilities to our Kanban boards.  This allows users to filter the Kanban board by any Tag on the cards.  In order to filter result set by a field, you must have a Tag on the card for that field.

StrataCom Gantt for Cherwell:  We have added the capability to show multiple Projects in the Gantt instead of a single project with Multiple Tasks.




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Recorded Webinar: StrataCom Mobile Solution for Cherwell & Ivanti ISM

Tune in and learn about specific use cases and benefits of StrataCom’s Mobile Solution for Cherwell & Ivanti ISM. This presentation includes:

  • Hardware Lifecycle Management via Barcode scanning
  • Instantly Update and Resolve Incidents from Anywhere
  • Rapidly Approve Changes and Service Requests
  • Enable Field Services to resolve Work Orders without ever having to pull out their laptop
  • Allow your customers to create Service Requests and answer Surveys from anywhere
  • Blazing Fast Skinny client on desktop browser


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Cherwell Mobile Updates: August 2021

StrataCom continues to release new features in our StrataCom Native Mobile client for Cherwell.  Here’s a snapshot of what’s new:

  • The updated Native app can now search multiple fields in our type-ahead list picker
  • For Customer lookup, one can type in Name, Email Address, Phone Number or any other field that’s stored in the customer Object in Cherwell.  Fields are easy to add using StrataCom’s Mobile Experience Designer.
  • Now available: the ability to rename the Field names on the type-ahead widget’s search results.  Administrators can now rename column headers using the Mobile Experience Designer.
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Elevate Your Cherwell IT Service Offerings

Learn new ways to experience Cherwell in our feature presentation from the Cherwell Clear Conference in 2020. StrataCom’s product manager will demonstrate how to take your Cherwell implementation to the next level. Elevate your IT service offerings through mobile access, Agile-based development management, enterprise time-tracking, and simple Drag-and-drop interfaces. Learn how other Cherwell customers have extended their Cherwell footprint further into the enterprise by adopting easy-to-use, highly functional bolt-ons.


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Just Released: StrataCom Drag-And-Drop Scheduling Calendar for Cherwell

StrataCom is pleased to announce the release of our Drag-And-Drop Scheduling Calendar for use with our Native Cherwell Mobile Client or our Kanban Boards for Cherwell.

With the Drag-And-Drop scheduling capability of the calendar, users can easily create, view and re-schedule events from an easy-to-use calendar interface. Ideal for Scheduling Change records, Facilities Work Orders or any other Cherwell Object, the StrataCom Calendar for Cherwell will make your Cherwell user’s lives easier!

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New StrataCom Cherwell Mobile Client Features September 2020

Because the Mobile Client for Cherwell by StrataCom is built on our “Mobile Experience Designer”, we don’t release updates to the mobile client that only have to do with customer workflow.  For example, we would… [..]

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New Cherwell Mobile Features July 2020

StrataCom is excited to announce newly released features for Cherwell Mobile! Now available:

  • Nested Menus in the Mobile Client:  Build elegant Mobile experiences using nested menus, allowing you to group actions, queries, etc for a single object, all together in one place.
  • Mobile Editable Grid:  Quickly update records in the mobile client on your mobile device or on your desktop using our easy-to-use editable grid.  Edit Cherwell records like you’re working in a spreadsheet.
  • Build Your Own Queries in our mobile development studio!  If you don’t have a query you need in Cherwell to display records for your users, use our powerful query builder to build your own query in your Mobile Experience.
  • Use our Enhanced Search Builder to allow your users to search any field in any object and return records in a grid format while using our advanced type-ahead search capabilities.  Quickly find records using any field and identify them using our return results quick-grid.
  • ‘Seamless Offline’ Mode allows users to work with records even when they have a very slow or intermittent internet connection, or no internet connection at all. Users aren’t required to manually ‘go offline’, the StrataCom Mobile Client intelligently caches records so they are ready for your users no matter what type of internet connection they have.
  • Brand your Mobile Experience any way you desire.  Full access to the CSS is enabled allowing you to change every aspect of the StrataCom Mobile Experience for your users.

Ping us today if you’d like a demo or free trial!

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StrataCom’s Mobile Client for Cherwell new Features Feb 2020

Take a look at all the great new features in StrataCom’s Mobile Client for Cherwell!

  • Offline access of tickets
    • With our “Seamless Offline Experience”, if you lose internet access, you can still work with your tickets like you’re online!
  • Enhanced record navigation
    • Easily navigate through your ticket lists with quick taps of our easy to use navigation arrows
  • Create Specifics records from Mobile
    • Create Specifics with your Incident or other Major Business Objects
    • Specifics forms work just like our other mobile forms, with all the auto-fill capabilities, etc
  • Related Record capabilities
    • Relate records in Cherwell or view related records in an unobtrusive, mobile-friendly way!
    • Examples include viewing a Customers contact card, viewing tasks associated to an Incident, Change information associated to an Approval, etc
  • Coming soon!
    • Mobile Customer Portal
      • Will be powered by the StrataCom Mobile Client Development Studio
      • Design your mobile portal to your exact standards
    • GPS Functionality
      • Find tickets closest to you
      • Get driving directions to a ticket
      • See all your techs on a map

View the Video here:

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