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Single Pane of Glass with Kanban Boards

Cherwell Customers are now enjoying the value and flexibility of experiencing the power of Cherwell through a Kanban User Experience.

This Kanban Webinar walks through specific use cases such as:

  • Operational Incident and Request Management
  • CAB and Change Approvals
  • Simplified PPM and ITPT experience
  • GANTT Charts for improved PPM and ITPT Project Management
  • Compatibility with the upcoming Ivanti converged ITSM solution
  • Single Pane of Glass view for all your Tasks
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Skinny Client for Cherwell

Skinny Client Option for Cherwell Software

Problem: Some Cherwell Users need a Focused and Fast Experience. Although the full Cherwell client delivers robust functionality, it is also more complex than needed for the casual Cherwell User.

Solution: The StrataCom Mobile Client can also run in any desktop browser. With this platform, your users can simply and quickly manage their Cherwell tickets without needing to launch a full Cherwell client, even in a low bandwidth environment.

Take a look at this short video to see the Skinny Client in action!

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Cherwell Advanced Practitioner Webinar:  Do More with Cherwell Notifications

StrataCom is pleased to share with you the recording of our recent Cherwell Advanced Practitioner Webinar:  Do More with Cherwell Notifications.

ITSM Notifications must be dialed in to be effective. Over-Notifying causes Customers to ignore. Under-Notifying means missing crucial updates. But…it’s not just about Cadence. The channel, and ability to capture Feedback, are key to a high-quality Customer experience.

Instead of simply sending a static email, now consider these options:

  • Directly send updates about tickets to individuals via MS Teams
  • Send Notifications to groups of users in MS Teams
  • Send Microsoft Adaptive Cards to MS Teams allowing individuals to update or resolve tickets directly in MS Teams. This is akin to delivering a specifics screen in MS Teams
  • Deliver Microsoft Adaptive Cards within emails to MS Outlook. Imagine completing a Specifics Screen right there in the body of an email message
  • Deliver Google AppSheet via emails to Gmail accounts…similar to Microsoft Adaptive Cards
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Recorded Webinar: StrataCom Mobile Solution for Cherwell & Ivanti ISM

Tune in and learn about specific use cases and benefits of StrataCom’s Mobile Solution for Cherwell & Ivanti ISM. This presentation includes:

  • Hardware Lifecycle Management via Barcode scanning
  • Instantly Update and Resolve Incidents from Anywhere
  • Rapidly Approve Changes and Service Requests
  • Enable Field Services to resolve Work Orders without ever having to pull out their laptop
  • Allow your customers to create Service Requests and answer Surveys from anywhere
  • Blazing Fast Skinny client on desktop browser


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Recorded Webinar: Cherwell REST API Best Practices and Lessons Learned

REST API: Best Practices and Lessons Learned 

The recording of our November Cherwell Advanced Practitioner webinar on the topic of  REST API  Best Practices is now available!

Our host, Eric Krueger, presented on Cherwell REST API best practices and lessons learned. Content includes tips for building REST API based applications connected to Cherwell, what the new Cherwell API features mean for you, and how to solve for some of the Cherwell API complexities.



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Recorded Webinar: Cherwell Performance Tuning September 2021

This webinar covers such topics as analyzing Cherwell for performance issues and resolving those issues once found. Principle Consultant, Eric Krueger, dives into Health Check, indexing, query optimization, and more. Gain insight into keeping your Cherwell system fast and responsive.

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Recorded Webinar: Cherwell SLAs…How Do These Actually Work?

Service Level Agreements are an easy concept to understand but the actual mechanics of how they work is complex. Our August 2021 Cherwell Advanced Practitioner event provides an overview of SLAs in Cherwell CSM 10.2 and touches on topics including: how SLAs work, best practices, and getting started on implementation. Our presenter answers such questions as:

  • What defines which SLA will attach to an Incident?
  • How does the time the record is created matter?
  • How does pending time work? How does “stop the clock” affect this?
  • How do we configure/add new SLA’s?
  • How do we define custom calendars and business time?
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StrataCom Recorded Webinars

StrataCom offers Advanced Practicitioner Webinar Events providing free, in-depth training on ITSM and Cherwell-specific topics. Please fill out the “Contact Us” form to join our mailing list. You can find a list of previously recorded webinars HERE.

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Recorded Webinar: Cherwell and Microsoft Teams Integration

Recorded Webinar: Cherwell and Microsoft Teams Integration News Sign Up Form Name* First Last Company* Email* PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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Recorded Event: August 2020 Webinar – Cherwell System Analyzer and Optimization

Cherwell System Analyzer and OptimizationLearn how to use all of the features of the Cherwell System Analyzer for full application optimization and troubleshooting News Sign Up Form Name* First Last Company* Email* CommentsThis field is… [..]

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