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Recorded Webinar: Cherwell Performance Tuning September 2021

This webinar covers such topics as analyzing Cherwell for performance issues and resolving those issues once found. Principle Consultant, Eric Krueger, dives into Health Check, indexing, query optimization, and more. Gain insight into keeping your Cherwell system fast and responsive.

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Recorded Webinar: Cherwell SLAs…How Do These Actually Work?

Service Level Agreements are an easy concept to understand but the actual mechanics of how they work is complex. Our August 2021 Cherwell Advanced Practitioner event provides an overview of SLAs in Cherwell CSM 10.2 and touches on topics including: how SLAs work, best practices, and getting started on implementation. Our presenter answers such questions as:

  • What defines which SLA will attach to an Incident?
  • How does the time the record is created matter?
  • How does pending time work? How does “stop the clock” affect this?
  • How do we configure/add new SLA’s?
  • How do we define custom calendars and business time?
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StrataCom Recorded Webinars

StrataCom offers Advanced Practicitioner Webinar Events providing free, in-depth training on ITSM and Cherwell-specific topics. Please fill out the “Contact Us” form to join our mailing list. You can find a list of previously recorded webinars HERE.

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Recorded Webinar: Cherwell and Microsoft Teams Integration

Recorded Webinar: Cherwell and Microsoft Teams Integration News Sign Up Form Name* First Last Company* Email* EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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Recorded Event: August 2020 Webinar – Cherwell System Analyzer and Optimization

Cherwell System Analyzer and OptimizationLearn how to use all of the features of the Cherwell System Analyzer for full application optimization and troubleshooting News Sign Up Form Name* First Last Company* Email* EmailThis field is… [..]

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Recorded Event: May 2020 Cherwell Advanced Practitioner Webinar – REST API

In this webinar, Eric Krueger presents on Cherwell REST API best practices and lessons learned during the development of StrataCom’s two Cherwell-related products built entirely on the Cherwell REST API, StrataCom’s Mobile Client for Cherwell and StrataCom Kanban Boards for Cherwell.  Learn everything you need to build REST API based applications connected to Cherwell, what the new Cherwell API features mean for you, and how to solve for some of the Cherwell API complexities.

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Recorded Event: StrataCom March 2020 AP Webinar – Cherwell and Active Directory Sync

StrataCom’s Active Directory and Cherwell Sync.Learn the ins and outs of how StrataCom syncs Cherwell with LDAP/AD for users, teams, and customers News Sign Up Form Name* First Last Company* Email* CommentsThis field is for… [..]

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Recorded Event: Improving Workflow Performance – January 2020 Advanced Practitioner Call

Join us for the overview of how to greatly improve speed in Cherwell by updating keys, one-steps, and other tips and tricks to improve the user experience

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Recorded Event: Upgrading to Cherwell 9.7: New Features, Options, Strategy and Best Practices for Success

This webinar explores some of the new features that Cherwell has released in the latest versions of Cherwell CSM and how they can benefit your organization.  Now you want to upgrade….What’s involved?  What if I want the new form layout?  Can I get the latest features by just upgrading my client and server?  What’s a Content upgrade anyway?   This webinar reviews these topics in detail.

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Recorded Event: How to Modernize Cherwell CSM: Re-Implement? Upgrade? What is the Best Path?

Are you on an old version of Cherwell and interested in taking advantage of the newest features and functionality? Contemplating a content upgrade or scrapping your environment and starting with a fresh new implementation?  Or do you just want to modernize your system and add content?

Join StrataCom for a deep dive conversation focused on Cherwell Modernization. We’ll review  the drivers and decision points behind choosing when to Re-Implement or simply Upgrade Cherwell.  Let StrataCom provide you with insight on how to make the best decision for your organization.

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