Approval Delegation mApp available for Cherwell

Approval Delegation Essentials mApp

Now available on the Cherwell mApp Exchange

The StrataCom Approval Delegation Essentials mApp provides the ability to delegate approvals inside Cherwell. The Approval Delegation modifies the Approval object, so these delegations will work wherever you rely on approvals.

Some approvals are monotonous, time consuming, and approvers are not always available. However, when it comes to paper trails and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance, all approvals become important!

Common Problems:

  • Required approvers are out of office or not available
  • A specified Approver (such as a Change Manager) casually has people approve on their behalf without dependable audit Trail
  • No manageable paper trail of approvals with some systems

How Approval Delegation Essentials Solves These Problems:

  • Approval Delegation allows one or more people to be assigned as an authorized approver for a specific individual
  • Approval Delegation may be short term or long term (indefinitely)
  • Approval Delegation locks down the approvals to authorized individuals and delegates
  • Provides Approval Reports to help with SOX compliance

Learn more about the Approval Delegation mApp and access the free download HERE

Posted on February 19, 2016 by StrataCom Administrator

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