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Skinny Client for Cherwell

Skinny Client Option for Cherwell Software

Problem: Some Cherwell Users need a Focused and Fast Experience. Although the full Cherwell client delivers robust functionality, it is also more complex than needed for the casual Cherwell User.

Solution: The StrataCom Mobile Client can also run in any desktop browser. With this platform, your users can simply and quickly manage their Cherwell tickets without needing to launch a full Cherwell client, even in a low bandwidth environment.

Take a look at this short video to see the Skinny Client in action!

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Cherwell Advanced Practitioner Webinar:  Do More with Cherwell Notifications

StrataCom is pleased to share with you the recording of our recent Cherwell Advanced Practitioner Webinar:  Do More with Cherwell Notifications.

ITSM Notifications must be dialed in to be effective. Over-Notifying causes Customers to ignore. Under-Notifying means missing crucial updates. But…it’s not just about Cadence. The channel, and ability to capture Feedback, are key to a high-quality Customer experience.

Instead of simply sending a static email, now consider these options:

  • Directly send updates about tickets to individuals via MS Teams
  • Send Notifications to groups of users in MS Teams
  • Send Microsoft Adaptive Cards to MS Teams allowing individuals to update or resolve tickets directly in MS Teams. This is akin to delivering a specifics screen in MS Teams
  • Deliver Microsoft Adaptive Cards within emails to MS Outlook. Imagine completing a Specifics Screen right there in the body of an email message
  • Deliver Google AppSheet via emails to Gmail accounts…similar to Microsoft Adaptive Cards
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