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General Consulting Approach

All StrataCom work is done on a per contract basis with specific goals and objectives defined within the contract; however, our relationships with our clients extend far beyond doing the specified work. When you choose to engage with StrataCom, you are provided direct contact information for all consultants, project managers and any other members of the StrataCom team you work with during the course of your project. As a StrataCom client, all of your needs are urgent and fulfilled quickly, with the highest quality. Our President, Steve Jones, regularly meets with project managers and key personnel at our client locations to track customer satisfaction and provide ongoing guidance to our consultants. We are here for you. It’s that simple.

StrataCom has provided program/project management for many of our enterprise-level clients and our consultants are comfortable and skilled with this sort of role. StrataCom employs consultants that are not only technically talented, but also possess excellent communication and leadership skills.

Some of our projects have been client-managed; others have been managed by StrataCom consultants. Our staff is familiar with either structure and is not biased toward either approach. StrataCom has used status reports, tracked progress against the original project plans, and communicated timely project progress to our clients. Concerns are identified early and clarified as quickly as they arise.

StrataCom’s only request is that our clients assign one main contact for the duration of each project. This ensures the efficiency of all communication and prevents any opportunity for misinformation to surface during the project.

A timeline for regular status checks and progress meetings are agreed upon by StrataCom and our clients prior to the project’s start.


StrataCom incorporates the Agile Development Methodology to ensure the best results.  Put simply Agile Development involves completing development, testing, and requirements refinement all in one step but broken up into multiple mini-projects that roll into one large project as an end goal.  Agile focuses on end user input and the ability to remain flexible during the development cycle as opposed to producing a solution in a fixed and static manner.
With an Agile approach, adapted to each client and the specific project at hand, our consultants work with clients to create a number of User Stories (requirements) that make up a wish list of requirements and project goals.  The consultant then prioritizes these items into smaller, manageable projects (aka sprints) to enable stakeholders to watch their system evolve over time. 
StrataCom emphasizes close collaboration between the programmer team and business experts; communication; frequent delivery of new deployable business value; tight, self-organizing teams; and ways to craft the code and the team such that the inevitable requirements churn is not a crisis.
StrataCom promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, and delivery while encouraging early and flexible responses to change.  We believe that Agile Development is a solid framework that delivers promised results on time, within budget, and with greater value.
StrataCom’s time-tested methodology that ensures our goals are realistic and honest.  You can trust StrataCom’s level of effort projections because time and time again our deliverables are achieved on time and within budget, vital aspects of any project’s success.  

Right-Sized ITIL Assessments

In today’s increasingly complex IT environment, effective IT service management is more critical than ever to a company’s success. StrataCom applies the principles of the most recent version of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) to identify how a company can tailor its IT infrastructure to best meet its business objectives. 
More organizations are adopting the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) because it facilitates the integration of Business Service Management and ITSM principles and best practices.  
StrataCom’s offering is designed to help you better evaluate your system. The deliverables of the assessment will include:

  1. ITIL Baseline Assessment.  The first part of the process consists of interviews with key personnel involved with the IT Service Management departments in your organization.  The deliverable is an overview document that describes in detail the current state of ITIL processes in the organization.
  2. Process Mapping.  StrataCom compiles information on the areas in your
    organization that have gaps in their ITIL processes.  The deliverable is a process map that explains what the process gaps are and the benefits of further ITIL alignment.
  3. Road Map Implementation. StrataCom will compile a road map document that explains how to implement the process map defined in the process mapping phase. The deliverable will be a road map document that describes and plans the order of implementation of the process map and an estimated timeline to accomplish the road map objectives.

ITIL isn’t only for the enterprise. Allow StrataCom to Right-Size your ITIL initiative and cost-effectively provide your team with a plan of action for implementing improvements that matter to your business.

Road Map Planning

Road map planning is often an exercise that takes place before a new software implementation. However, as your system ages, it can be helpful to evaluate content available in new versions and create a road map plan. StrataCom’s ITIL certified consultants can guide you through prioritizing solution enhancements, integrations, and functionality that will make the biggest impact on your business. For new implementations, we create a phased implementation plan that will help you achieve quick wins while continuing to build out your service management strategy in a timeframe that makes sense for your organization. Our road map consulting service ensures you realized quicker ROI.