Cherwell Upgrade Assurance

  • Cherwell Upgrade Assurance

Cherwell’s modern platform has greatly simplified the technical aspects of the upgrade process. The act of upgrading can take as little as a few minutes, however, some effort is often required to review currently functionality to determine the impact of the new version on the Production environment.

Consider the Upgrade Assurance Package from StrataCom


  • Cherwell Experts will assess Risk areas
  • Current Production Version is compared to desired Upgrade version and an Upgrade Analysis is developed
  • Benefits of new version functionality is individually measured to determine impact and benefit to overall Solution
  • Risk areas will be unit tested and mitigated prior to User Acceptance Testing
  • Core functionality such as Notifications, Email monitor, Authentication and Integrations will be verified
  • Custom developed workflows will be reviewed
  • Recommendations will be made on how best to leverage functionality in the new version
  • Customer Subject Matter Experts will be involved as a means of confirming whether existing business process is either maintained or improved as a result of upgrading

Problems Solved

  • Mitigate uncertainty regarding impact of upgrading
  • Minimize Testing cycles by identifying main areas of Risk
  • Maximize the positive impact of Upgrading for the End Users