End User Portal and Service Catalog Design

  • End User Portal and Service Catalog Design

Frustrated with your Cherwell or Ivanti Neurons for ITSM Portal? Offering a service catalog that is not user friendly? Engage our team to design, or re-design, a portal or service catalog experience that’s visually pleasing, well organized, and easy to use.

Our Portal Design offering provides you with expert advice on designing an engaging and easy to use experience for your audience. As a starting point, our designers provide you with a portfolio of design options to give you visual inspiration. After requirements and process discussions, your consultant will then create Portal Mockups of varying Design and User experience tailored to your unique business.  Design elements of your organization’s website will be incorporated where possible.

These Mockups serve as a jumping off point to elicit initial feedback from your team. This feedback will guide iterations of functional configuration. Additional walkthroughs will be delivered and feedback will be gathered.  A total of 2-3 iterations are likely before the final production version of the User Portal is complete. We are confident that our delivered portal solution will help drive user acceptance and alleviate the strain on your service management team.

Our Service Catalog design service was created to guide your team through the process of building your service catalog portfolio, integrating service catalog workflow into your organization’s teams, and  marketing your service catalog to your end-users. Discussions and development will focus on such topics as: Theming and Branding, Visual Layout, Service Portfolio, Terminology, Defining Services and Terminology, End User Considerations, and Categorization. Collaborate with our experts and take advantage of lessons learned through decades of real-world service catalog implementation.

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