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Recorded Event: Upgrading to Cherwell 9.7: New Features, Options, Strategy and Best Practices for Success

This webinar explores some of the new features that Cherwell has released in the latest versions of Cherwell CSM and how they can benefit your organization.  Now you want to upgrade….What’s involved?  What if I want the new form layout?  Can I get the latest features by just upgrading my client and server?  What’s a Content upgrade anyway?   This webinar reviews these topics in detail.

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Recorded Event: How to Modernize Cherwell CSM: Re-Implement? Upgrade? What is the Best Path?

Are you on an old version of Cherwell and interested in taking advantage of the newest features and functionality? Contemplating a content upgrade or scrapping your environment and starting with a fresh new implementation?  Or do you just want to modernize your system and add content?

Join StrataCom for a deep dive conversation focused on Cherwell Modernization. We’ll review  the drivers and decision points behind choosing when to Re-Implement or simply Upgrade Cherwell.  Let StrataCom provide you with insight on how to make the best decision for your organization.

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Recorded Event: Cherwell Content Packs versus Upgrades – Advanced Practitioner Webinar

Do you know what you get when you upgrade?  Do you always get all of the new functionality and work flow?  Watch our webinar to see how this works and how you can get new content if it wasn’t delivered in an upgrade.

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Recorded Event: Cherwell mApps versus Blueprints – Cherwell Advanced Practitioner Webinar

Learn the difference between mApps (Cherwell mergeable applications) versus blueprints and the appropriate time to use each when migrating code with Cherwell.

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Recorded Event: Cherwell REST API and Integrations Deep Dive

This webinar presents a deep dive into the Cherwell API and Cherwell Integrations, how they work, and detailed information on integrating the Cherwell application with external systems using the REST API.

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Recorded Event: CMDB Best Practices – Advanced Practitioner Webinar

Watch this webinar to learn about best practices for your CMDB!

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Recorded Event: Cherwell Advanced Tips and Tricks Part 2 – Advanced Practitioner Call

Watch this recorded webinar to learn a variety of helpful advanced tips and tricks for getting the most out of Cherwell.

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Recorded Event: Cherwell Performance Tuning – Advanced Practitioner Webinar

Watch our webinar to discover a wide variety of ways you can improve the performance of your Cherwell CSM system, including:

  • Relationship Tuning
  • Indexing
  • Query enhancement
  • Group Maps
  • Lots More!
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Recorded Event: Best Practices in Cherwell Design – Advanced Practitioner Webinar

StrataCom’s May 2018 Cherwell Advanced Practitioner’s event covered the topic of best practices in Cherwell design. Items covered during this webinar included: best practices for Cherwell Portal Design, when to use mApps vs. blueprints, how to utilize Incident Subcategories to drive workflow, approvals, and more.

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Recorded Event: Cherwell Integration Best Practices – Advanced Practitioner Webinar

This StrataCom webinar will provide you with best practice advice around Cherwell integrations.

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