Mobile Client For Cherwell

  • Mobile Client For Cherwell

Mobile Client for Cherwell

User Experience

Access Cherwell on IOS, Android or Browser

Delivers Both Technician and Customer Portal functionality

Visually configurable for colors, branding, dark mode, etc…

Enables a unique Mobile Experience for Users based on Role or Team Membership


Deliver full range of Cherwell Workflow

Run One-Steps with Prompts

Mobilize any Object. Approve Changes, Update Incidents and more

Barcode scanning for CI’s for easy lookup or updates


Securely connect from anywhere via Cherwell REST API

Codeless Developer Studio allows robust Configuration

Available as a Native iOS or Android app, PWA (progressive web app) or browser application

Seamless Offline Mode as needed

Mobile Client for Cherwell Blog Posts

New StrataCom Cherwell Mobile Client Features September 2020

Because the Mobile Client for Cherwell by StrataCom is built on our “Mobile Experience Designer”, we don’t release updates to the mobile client that only have to do with customer workflow.  For example, we would… [..]

New Cherwell Mobile Features July 2020

StrataCom is excited to announce newly released features for Cherwell Mobile! Now available: Nested Menus in the Mobile Client:  Build elegant Mobile experiences using nested menus, allowing you to group actions, queries, etc for a… [..]

StrataCom’s Mobile Client for Cherwell new Features Feb 2020

Take a look at all the great new features in StrataCom’s Mobile Client for Cherwell! Offline access of tickets With our “Seamless Offline Experience”, if you lose internet access, you can still work with your… [..]

Recorded Event: Cherwell REST API and Integrations Deep Dive

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StrataCom’s Cherwell Mobile Client: Add a Journal and Close an Incident with the Mobile Client

Watch this video to see how easy it is to add a journal and close an incident using only Stratacom’s Cherwell Mobile client!

StrataCom’s Cherwell Mobile Client: Assign an Incident to a Different Team

Learn how to assign an incident to a different team using StrataCom’s Cherwell Mobile Client:

StrataCom’s Cherwell Mobile Client: How to Take Ownership of an Incident in the Mobile Client

The StrataCom Cherwell mobile client allows users to perform many actions quickly without having to connect to the Cherwell Portal or the Cherwell client. Watch the video to see how easy this is!

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