Consulting Methodology

  • Consulting Methodology

StrataCom has provided professional services for a long list of Fortune 500 clients since 1997. Our mastery of this technology and industry best practices greatly benefits our clients who look to us to successfully move their visions from concept to reality.

StrataCom incorporates the Agile Development Methodology to ensure even better results. Put simply Agile Development involves completing development, testing, and requirements refinement all in one step but broken up into multiple mini-projects that roll into one large project as an end goal. Agile focuses on end user input and the ability to remain flexible during the development cycle as opposed to producing a solution in a fixed and static manner.

With an Agile approach, adapted to each client and the specific project at hand, our consultants work with clients to create a number of User Stories (requirements) that make up a wish list of requirements and project goals. The consultant then prioritizes these items into smaller, manageable projects (aka sprints) to enable stakeholders to watch their system evolve over time.

StrataCom emphasizes close collaboration between the programmer team and business experts; communication; frequent delivery of new deployable business value; tight, self-organizing teams; and ways to craft the code and the team such that the inevitable requirements churn is not a crisis.

StrataCom promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, and delivery while encouraging early and flexible responses to change. We believe that Agile Development is a solid framework that delivers promised results on time, within budget, and with greater value.

StrataCom’s time-tested methodology that ensures our goals are realistic and honest. You can trust StrataCom’s level of effort projections because time and time again our deliverables are achieved on time and within budget, vital aspects of any project’s success.