Kanban For Cherwell

  • Kanban For Cherwell

Kanban for Cherwell

User Experience

Card Based Kanban for all Cherwell Processes

Swim Lanes and Virtual Columns

Full Access to Edit Cards/Records

Easily view and prioritize or re-status items


DevOps, Change, Operational Incident Management

ITIL V4 compliant to support classic ITSM Plus Agile/DevOps

Facilitate Scrum, CAB, Stand Up Meetings

New Cherwell mApp and Boards to Support Marketing Use Cases


Securely connect from anywhere via Cherwell REST API

Codeless Developer Studio allows robust Configuration

Fast Real Time representation of Cherwell records

Leverage any Cherwell Business Object/Global Query

Kanban for Cherwell Blog Posts


Video: Managing Projects in Cherwell Change and Incident using Kanban Boards and Gantt Charts

Are you managing projects in Cherwell in Incident or Change management? Many clients are managing smaller projects in Cherwell using these modules. Attach the StrataCom Kanban Boards and Gantt Chart for Cherwell to these Cherwell… [..]

Elevate Your Cherwell IT Service Offerings

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Just Released: StrataCom Drag-And-Drop Scheduling Calendar for Cherwell

StrataCom is pleased to announce the release of our Drag-And-Drop Scheduling Calendar for use with our Native Cherwell Mobile Client or our Kanban Boards for Cherwell. With the Drag-And-Drop scheduling capability of the calendar, users… [..]

New Cherwell Kanban Board Features July 2020

StrataCom is excited to announce newly released features for our Kanban Boards for Cherwell Software. Now available: Enhanced Swim Lane Functionality allows you to build ‘boards within boards’ as the swim lanes now collapse the… [..]

StrataCom Releases Kanban for Cherwell!

StrataCom’s Kanban Boards for Cherwell allow you to turn any Cherwell query into a fully functional Kanban board with Drag-and-drop functionality, swim lanes, card editing, and more. Unfamiliar with Kanban? Kanban is a visual board… [..]

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