Cherwell Change Template Essentials mApp

  • Cherwell Change Template Essentials mApp

The StrataCom Change Template Essentials mApp provides the ability to pre-define Change Templates for reoccurring changes.

Many IT Service Providers conduct routine tasks that still require Change Requests. For example, a server group may patch the same set of servers every month. The Change Template allows the user to pre-define a Change Template with a Primary CI and unlimited additional CI’s. Once this is defined, a new change with the full level of detail expected of service providers can be constructed in minutes, instead of hours for large changes.

Common Change Process Problems:

  • Routine Change Requests can be very time consuming.
  • Human Error from manual entry of data can be a major problem for organizations that have compliance rules and get audited.

How Change Template Essentials Solves These Problems:

  • Templates allow new routine Change Requests to be quickly created
  • Instructions and consistency across similar changes will be automatic
  • The User experience is greatly enhanced by providing much faster Change Request creation. Users are much more efficient.
  • Templates ensure greater consistency and can include detailed instructions that only need to be written once, or can be quickly updated.

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