Cherwell Advanced Practitioner Training Content (Recorded Webinars)

  • Cherwell Advanced Practitioner Training Content (Recorded Webinars)

StrataCom hosts the popular Cherwell Advanced Practitioner Webinar Series! This landing page provides all recordings of the past educational content StrataCom has created for the Cherwell Community.

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Cherwell Advanced Practitioner Webinar Recordings

March 2020

Active Directory Sync to Cherwell


February 2020

Kanban for Cherwell


January 2020

Cherwell Workflow Performance: How to Improve Code Efficiency


December 2019

Upgrading to Cherwell 9.7


September 2019

Cherwell Re-Implementation or Modernization


June 2019

Deep Dive into REST API and Integrations


March 2019

CMDB Best Practices


January 2019

Cherwell Content Upgrade vs. Platform Upgrade


October 2018

Cherwell mApps versus Blueprints


August 2018

Cherwell Performance Tuning


May 2018

Cherwell Tips and Tricks – Design


October 2017

Cherwell Integration Best Practices


September 2017

Advanced Tips and Tricks Part 2


August 2017

Advanced Tips and Tricks Part 2


July 2017

Change Management mApp Beta


June 2017



 May 2017

Performance Tuning


 April 2017

Customer Success Story: Western Union


March 2017

Approvals: Customer Approvals, Approval Pitfalls, etc


February 2017

Cherwell Service Catalog: Action Catalog Hybrid or Advanced Customer Portals.


January 2017

Service Catalog Templates and Work Units.


November 2016

Doing More with Cherwell One-Step Actions


Short Cherwell Training Videos

Implement Cherwell’s Web Services on Incident

Simple Cherwell Dashboards

Cherwell Single Sign On

Cherwell Web Services Overview

Approval Delegations in Cherwell

One Steps – Getting to the next level


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