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StrataCom: IT Service Management Experts

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StrataCom is an IT Service Management professional services and consulting firm providing graceful solutions to enterprise-level clients since 1997. Our mastery of this technology greatly benefits our clients who look to us to successfully move their visions from concept to reality.

Contact StrataCom today if you are interested in engaging our experts to lead your new implementation, effortlessly upgrade your environment to the latest version, provide exceptional managed services, author a seamless integration, or maximize your investment by customizing the application to match your business processes.

Cherwell Advanced Practitioner Webinars

StrataCom hosts Cherwell Advanced Practitioner webinars focused on advanced technical training content. These webinars conclude with an open forum Question and Answer session for the Cherwell Community to pose questions to our experts as well as the Cherwell community at large. If you’d like to sign up to receive invitations to these events, please sign up HERE.

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