New! HP Service Manager Performance Tuning Package

Many HP Service Manager clients struggle with system performance. The frustration resulting from poor performance can cause organizations to look for alternative software solutions.

Instead of throwing away your investment, consider StrataCom’s HP Service Manager Performance Tuning package.

Common Complaints:

  • HP SM is slow during the busiest time of day
  • Login times are slow
  • Change Approvals are slow
  • Escalating an interaction to an incident is slow
  • Clicking ‘save’ is slow
  • Using certain Views is very slow
  • Searching existing tickets is slow

Reasons why performance is suffering:

  • Hardware sizing and scaling of databases are common issues
  •  Database mapping
  • Poorly formed queries
  • Oracle specific issues related to Service Manager
  • SQL Server specific issues related to Service Manager
  • Poorly configured SAN storage space
  • Excessive and unnecessary use of database lookups in custom and OOB code
  • Lack of Primary key constraints
  • IR Expert configuration incorrect non-keyed queries

HP Service Manager should be very fast. If it’s not, it’s fixable. Every single performance issue in Service Manager is fixable.

If any action in Service Manager takes longer than a second or two, this indicates a performance problem. Even a well-implemented Service Manager environment can experience performance problems over time. Because of our extensive consulting experience with HP Service Manager, StrataCom consultants can quickly identify the root cause of the performance issue and recommend a fix.   Our experts can definitively identify WHY those issues are occurring and HOW they can be fixed.