Cherwell Care Managed Services

Are your developers and administrators overwhelmed by demands from the business?

Are you interested in improving your Cherwell tool and processes but internal resources are too busy? Do you want to see real results from the additional features of upgrading to a new version?

Growing and maintaining Cherwell-specific expertise takes time…and money. Choose StrataCom and save both. Our certified staff has all the ITSM expertise you need. Consider our managed services offering.

Consider a Managed Services option from StrataCom:

  • Tool Configuration
  • Construction and Generation of Reports and Dashboards
  • New Module Planning and Implementation
  • Day to Day Administration
  • Gathering Requirements and Building Solutions
  • General Consulting services for the Cherwell Environment


  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Increased IT budget flexibility
  • Dedicated team of certified Developers
  • No Training Costs
  • No Certification Costs
  • No Employee Turnover
  • Complex Question or Issues are met with high level of expertise

Problems Solved 

  • Other IT Project needs funding
  • IT staff and resources are needed for other projects
  • Difficulties upgrading such a customized system
  • Difficult training and retaining ITSM experts
  • Maintaining the system seems too cumbersome

For more information, contact Laura Walker, Director of Business Development, at 701-232-5697 x27